Women's Tour of Glasnevin Cemetery

Saturday 12th December 1.30 pm

The General Election of 1918 (held 14 December) marked the first time that women in Ireland and Britain had the right to vote and stand for election; although this only applied to women over 30 years of age. Countess Markievicz, who is buried at Glasnevin Cemetery, was one of two women who ran in that election in Ireland (the other being nationalist Winifred Carney who was defeated in Belfast’s Victoria Division).
Markievicz won and became the first woman elected to the British House of Commons. She did not take her seat in Westminster Parliament however, and chose instead to sit with the First Dáil which met on the 21st of January 1919. Countess Markievicz was made Minister for Labour in that Dáil becoming the first woman in Europe to hold a ministerial position. On the 12th of December Glasnevin Museum will mark the 97th anniversary of this election with a guided tour to the graves of women who have played their part in the social, cultural and political life of Ireland. Don't miss out. Come along and hear the stories of these ordinary and extraordinary women.

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