The Third Home Rule Crisis, The Unionist Response

The Unionist Centenary Committee will host an exhibition on the Ulster Crisis 1912 -14 (including the formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force). The exhibition will launch on 11th November and run for 2 weeks in Glasnevin Cemetery. It will narrate the political and social climate which existed in this period in Ireland, Great Britain and Europe. Information will be presented storyboards and other educational resources such as booklets and leaflets (available for free). The exhibition will be manned daily by experts. Three of the largest private collections of unionist artefacts/ memorabilia of the period will be displayed during the exhibition. We also have unprecedented access to the Craig family (and their collections) - descendants of James Craig, who was pivotal to political and social developments of the time and would become Northern Ireland’s first Prime Minister.

The majority of artefacts have never been on view to the public before in Republic of Ireland.
The exhibition will be supported by a programme of lectures/ symposiums delivered by professional/ knowledgable historians. We will also host a drama based around key players from the Unionist  community of the time namely, Lord Carson, Captain James Craig and Fred Crawford.

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