Belfast Boys

West Belfast to Western Front

Our new exhibition looks at the untold story of how Belfast's Unionists and Nationalists put aside their Home Rule differences and fought together as one during The Great War 1914-18.

This Exhibition will be on display from the 11th November in the Museum's Prospect Gallery. The exhibition explores the journey of a volunteer 1912 - 1916, it looks at both the Ulster and Irish Volunteer, the 36th Division and the 10th Irish. Contrasting but mostly comparing their similar journeys to war. 

Giving a broad overview of the roles of both volunteer groups but will then focus on 'Belfast Boys' from west Belfast, looking at their military, social and political history.
It is a joint exhibition between the Unionist Centenary Committee and the 6th Connaught Rangers Group and is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
One of the items on display is a German Officer’s Walking Stick. The German officer killed Pte Fitzgeralds of the Connaught Rangers with this stick and was himself killed with the same weapon, by the donor, Gunner Clements.

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