Help & Questions

  • How to create an Account with us?

    You can register for an account and signin with us by either using the "Register" link underneath the Signin button or by clicking here

  • After Signin, where do I go next?

    Once signed in, the "Signin" button will now show "Logout" instead confirming you are now signed in.

    For genealogists that have been registered with us since 2009, you'll notice that compared to our previous web site, you are now brought to main Onlineshop page first rather than straight to the Genealogy section as since launch of our new web site we have many more online offerings.

    To start your genealogy search next, simply use the genealogy menu navigation and we hope you find the new MyAccount features underneath "Logout" of benefit to you. Don't forget to have a quick look at our new Online Shop as your signin already setup with us can be used for this new section also.

  • Forgotten your password?

    We can send you an email with link to reset your password. To initiate this, you can use the "Forgotten Password" link from the Signin area (press the Signin button first) or just click here

    Please note also that the password is case sensitive (ie password must be entered with same capital or lower letters as when password was initially set)

  • After a genealogy search, when I sign in, it goes to MyAccount?

    It is recommended to first sign in if you already have an account with us before doing any genealogy searches. That way, it will also show you straight away the "View Details" link if you come across a record you have previously purchased.

  • Can I change my password?

    You can change your signin password by first signing in with your old password and in MyAccount area (underneath SignIn option), you'll be offered features to change your password

  • Why is the signin password now case sensitive?

    Since launch of our new web site for enhanced security, the signin password is now case sensitive (ie capital or lower letters differ).

    For our users that were issued with a password prior to launch of our new web site, the password would have been emailed to you when you initially registered with us with the correct  capital / lower case letters, but should you no longer have this confirmation, we recommend you reset your password. See the other "Help and Question" topics for more info on this

  • What is Dod box?

    The Dod box is used to enter the Date of Death in terms of the year. You can use the dropdown list to select the year or just key it in instead. 

  • How to extend the Date of Death Year range

    In an enhancement, we have added back into the Date of Death Search criteria dropdown the +/- 10 Years compared to year entered.

    This option is made available through the Advanced Search which can be launched by doing an initial search first followed by the Advanced Search then appearing below the Results Grid


    Click on the "Advanced Search" link after launching our Genealogy (click here to get you there quick)

  • How do to use the Exact, Begins With, Contains and Wildcard filter options?

    Beside each first or last name box, we offer a range of filters to get the best results from the info you have to find your ancestors:

    • Exact: exact spelling
    • Begins With: enter the start of a name leaving out the remainder of name for which you might not have exact spelling
    • Contains: only enter the portion of a name
    • Wildcards: replace any number of characters with a * sign - example j*n will result in john, joan, ...
  • Unable to find records for names starting with Mc, Mac, ... ?

    For names starting with Mac, Mc, O', etc please try last name combinations without and with space in last name.

    Example: McCarthy last name - This could have been entered in our database as

    • McCarthy
    • Mc Carthy
    • MacCarthy
    • Mac Carthy

    We recommend you use the Advanced Search filters to pick up any of these combinations

  • Should I use the second / middle name when searching records?

    When you enter names as criteria to find your ancestors, only enter the First and Last name in search criteria boxes. We have recorded the second or middle name separately on same record.

    Example: For looking up an ancestor called William Francis Murphy, enter search criteria as follows

    • First Name box = william
    • Surname Name box = murphy

    Note the advanced search criteria filters also described in our "Help & Questions"

  • How do I use the address contains filter?

    To get the best results out of this filter, only enter portion of address without the house number or without the word street, road etc

  • How to change a Standard into an Extended Search or add on Book Image?

    Should you not have opted where available for Extended Search or for the Book Image, then you can now add these features to your previous searches as follows:

    • First sign
    • Launch the MyAccount area
    • Now find the relevant previous search in your Search History
    • View the details and where available, Extended or Book Image Options will be shown at bottom of the Details section
  • Accessing your Genealogy Search History?

    Once signed in, you can now view again your previously purchased records from either the "Search History" section in MyAccount area (see link for this underneath Logout button) or by doing a genealogy search for same record and you will be presented with a "View Details" button on the results grid.

    We hope that the new Search History features such enabling you to upgrade Standard Searches into Extended or to include book extract image where available have been worth the wait for you.

    Note that we have resolved by 24th May 2013 the main difficulties you might have encountered in accessing your Search History since launch of new website on 18th April 2013.

  • Redeeming a Genealogy Voucher?

    When redeeming a Genealogy Voucher, here's a few tips for what to look out for when entering the Voucher ID and PIN:

    • You can start the Voucher Redemption after you have registered an account with us from the MyAccount area using the "Redeem Voucher" link
    • When entering the Voucher ID, ensure you enter a mixture of 10 characters or letters (sometimes the last character or number might be on the next line on the voucher)
    • Bear in mind that the voucher ID is a mixture of upper and lower case characters and sometimes a lower case letter "L" looks the same as an upper case "i" so if necessary try voucher ID with both combinations should it fail to redeem straight away
    • Same as above regarding the letter O and number 0
    • The pin is always a 4 digit code
  • Need to contact us?

    If you are still having problems with your genealogy search, you can email [email protected] or fill in the "Contact Us" form with a description of the issue