Trace your ancestry

With over 1.5 million Irish genealogy burial records from 1828 to present day you can find relatives, explore family history and reveal stories from your family past.

We are able to offer a uniquely rich online Irish genealogy database to researchers thanks to the meticulous record-keeping of Glasnevin Trust. Starting in 1828 to present day, our records cover Glasnevin, Dardistown, Newlands Cross, Palmerstown and Goldenbridge (managed by Glasnevin office) cemeteries as well as Glasnevin, Dardistown and Newlands Cross crematoria.

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Types of genealogical information

You can search for standard burial or cremation information, extended burials by entire graves and even access book extracts, where available. Try our free results preview to see what you reveal.

As well as searching online you can visit Glasnevin Museum to have a chat with our Resident Genealogist, Lynn Brady who is onsite from 10 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday.

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Cost for access to the Genealogy records

Free Genealogy Preview: The Results Preview Grid is free to access.

Full Records and Book Extracts: Access requires the following credits, one credit costs €1.

Standard Burial/Cremation Search: 3 Credits (€3)
Extended Burials by Grave Search (Includes all others in same Grave) : 8 Credits (€8)

Book Extract(s) where available: 2 Credits (€2)

Hand written birth records