Searching your Family History?

In Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, we can help you to find your relatives. Lynn Brady, MGSI, Resident Genealogist in Glasnevin Museum is onsite to assist people unearth their family history. She oversaw the digitisation of our registers, prior to launching our Online Genealogy. Lynn’s in depth knowledge of our records could provide you with the last piece of the puzzle allowing you complete your own genealogy journey!


Genealogy Research Opening times

Genealogy Research, assisted by our resident genealogist is available on following days:

  • Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm

Should you require help with your research, please fill in a Search Application Form at the museum reception desk or use the download option below and return it to us at [email protected]

Genealogy at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Our resident genealogist can help you with both refining your search criteria or guide you through our Online Genealogy.

We can also perform the search for you and once found just add it to the search history associated with your account registered on our site. All you have to do then is sign in and review your search history. Note that additional fees may apply but you will be advised of these fees by our resident genealogist upon reviewing your requests.

What Fees apply?

Using our Online facilities

  • €3 for Standard Search to view transcribed record of your ancestor
  • €8 for Extended Search to view transcribed records of your ancestor as well as others buried in same grave
  • + €2 to also view any of the book extract images available online 

Full Office Search instead?

A search using a combination of our digitised records and archive registers can be done by a member of staff:

From €8 to €15 per grave search depending on whether records were found in first search or whether mutliple searches were required based on details in submitted in Search Application