Columbarium Wall

The columbarium allows the placing of cremated remains into niches, each with a front section incorporating a memorial plaque. The cremated remains are placed behind the plaque in urns. The memorial plaque is engraved with an inscription. Each niche accommodates one or two cremated remains. Families may visit the Cemetery to choose a niche which best suits or our experienced staff will make the selection on your behalf. At the time of cremation it is possible to reserve spaces in the Columbarium Wall alongside a family member.

Please see the sections below for site-specific cremation memorial options:

Dardistown Cemetery

Glasnevin Cemetery 

Newlands Cross Cemetery 

Palmerstown Cemetery 

Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance is designed to reflect miniature burial grounds where cremated remains are interred in ground vaults. Above each vault a memorial stone is inscribed with the name and date of death.

At the time of cremation it is possible to reserve spaces alongside for future use by other family members.

Remembrance Stone

We have introduced a new form of memorialisation following cremation. This monument is for inscriptions of loved ones where families have taken the remains away for private disposal and may wish to have the name & date of their loved one inscribed on this memorial stone.

The Water Urn: "a natural return to nature..."

With the waterurn you can choose to give your memories a place in your life. Placed discreetly where you prefer, this beautiful bronze waterurn releases the ashes gradually back into the earth.

The ashes of your loved one are placed inside the urn. The urn catches the rain water which then comes in contact with the ashes. The patented system allows the ashes to be gradually released into the groundwater.


This beautiful waterurn is available in several styles of patina. The waterurn can accommodate the ashes of two deceased loved ones and the process is only triggered when you want it to begin. A special inscription on the urn can be arranged according to your wishes.

For more info, email us at [email protected]

Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

For those who wish to keep ashes in a decorative urns, caskets or keepsakes, Glasnevin Trust has an exclusive selection available to purchase from our cemetery offices at Glasnevin, Dardistown & Newlands Cross.

For those wishing to purchase any of these, please contact:

Mark O'Neill, our Crematorium Sales Manager

Email:  [email protected] | Tel. 01 882 6500 | Mobile 086 839 3515

Scattering Tubes

Suitable for both scattering and burial. You can choose from 3 designs: Bluebell Woods, Dove in Flight, Starry Night

They are available in 3 sizes: 


Steel Urns

Urn and Keepsake available

Left to right:

Gold (HL40)

Silver (HL41)

Black (HL43)

Blue (HL 42)

Brass Urns


Urn and Keepsake available

Left to right:

Butterfly (HL50)

Copper (HL54)

Gold with Leaves (HL55)


Urn and Keepsake available

Left to right:

Silver & Gold Band (HL56)

Black with Gold Birds (HL59)

Black with Gold Band (HL64)


Urn and Keepsake available

Left to right:

Silver with Leaves (HU128)

Silver & Blue Bird (HU139)

Black Floral (HU140)


Urn and Keepsake available

Left to right:

Flame Urn (HU173)

Gold & Silver (HU186)

Pink Dove (HL 60)

Keepsake Jewellery


Stainless Steel

Left to right:

AB 001

AB 002

AB 003


Stainless Steel

Left to right:

AB 004

AB 005

AB 006

AB 009