Newlands Cross Cemetery

Glasnevin Trust established Newlands Cross Cemetery in 2000, almost two centuries after the opening of Goldenbridge and Glasnevin in the 1800s.  Like neighbouring Palmerstown Cemetery, in keeping with the times, Newlands Cross is a lawn-style cemetery.  This modern approach to cemetery layout is focused on creating space and a sense of consistency throughout the area.  Newlands Cross Cemetery is located in a spacious parkland which serves the local community, you will also find an ornamental lake there. 

Purchasing a Grave at Newlands Cross Cemetery

Graves at Newlands Cross Cemetery are all border graves which means they face a pathway and are set out in a grid-like fashion. The measurements of the plots are four-foot (wide) by eight-foot (long).  Newlands Cemetery is a lawn Cemetery and therefore does not allow surrounds or items on the grave surface. The Cemetery is responsible for grass cutting and maintaining graves.

If you wish to select a grave in advance, you can avail of our grave selection service, please contact our office on 01 459 2288 for further details.

There are some regulations that you need to be aware of when planning to erect a  headstone in Newlands Cross Cemetery.  Please see our Monuments section below for more information.

Who can be buried in a grave?

The grave owner and their direct family (husband, wife, children, mother, and father) can be buried in a grave without written permission.  Any other blood relative of the grave owner can be interred with the grave owner’s written permission. If the grave owner is deceased then written permission is needed from the nearest surviving relatives of the grave owner.

The grave owner remains the owner ‘in perpetuity’ (forever), unless they transfer ownership to a nominated party in their lifetime.  The original ownership documentation associated with the grave is required in these circumstances.


If you would like to carry out family history research using the Newlands Cross Cemetery records, please see here for further information.

Newlands Cross Cemetery

Newlands Cross Crematorium

The crematorium chapel/temple at Newlands Cross is a modern, bright and airy space.  It is circular in shape and is one of the newest in the country.  It is available for all religious and non-religious cremation services and can hold up to 250 mourners. 

Post-Funeral Reception Venues

Here are local venues that cater for post-funeral receptions: 

Maldron Hotel -

Please note that there may be restrictions in place at these venues relating to COVID-19.


Please note that the florist and online services are unavailable at this time due to the COVID-19 situation.

Our florists have an outlet at Newlands Cemetery where you can purchase flowers, plants, bouquets, arrangements, and wreaths.  Our team of dedicated professionals can design a package of your choosing.  

If you cannot make it to the site but would like to have flowers placed on a grave, our team can arrange that for you. It is a unique service that we offer, please see here for further details.

This can also be arranged for any funeral service if you are unable to attend.

Exterior view of Newlands Cross Crematorium

Monuments at Newlands Cross

If you would like to find out more about headstones, plaques, and memorials, please visit our Monument Works section. You can find samples of their work there.  There is a display garden at Newlands Cross where you can view samples of the team's work in an outdoor setting. The team will be able to assist you with the process of selecting an appropriate tribute. There are some rules and regulations regarding the erection of monuments at Newlands Cross Cemetery, please hit the blue button below to download a document that outlines this in further detail.

Newlands Cross Crematorium

Memorials for Cremation

Glasnevin Trust offers many cremation memorial options such as Columbarium Wall, Garden of Remembrance, Remembrance Stone, or even Water Urns. For those who wish to keep ashes in a decorative urn, caskets, or keepsakes, Glasnevin Trust has an exclusive selection available to purchase from our cemetery offices at Glasnevin & Newlands Cross.

Columbarium Walls

The columbarium allows the placing of cremated remains into niches, each with a front section incorporating a memorial plaque. The cremated remains are placed behind the plaque in urns specifically designed for this purpose. Each niche accommodates one or two urns The memorial plaque is engraved with an inscription.

Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance is designed to reflect miniature burial grounds where cremated remains are interred in-ground vaults. Above each vault, a memorial stone can be inscribed with the name and date of death of the deceased.

Contacts & Location

Newlands Cross Cemetery, Crematorium & Trust Florist

Ballymount Road, Dublin 24, D24KICY

Cemetery & Crematorium Manager: David Thompson

P: + 353 (0) 1 4592288   |    F: + 353 (0) 1 4592423
E: [email protected]

Newlands Cross Opening Hours Office

Monday - Wednesday: 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Thursday: 9.30 am - 4.00 pm

Friday: 9.30 am - 3.30 pm

Newlands Cross Opening Hours Grounds

Car Access

In winter, the parks department open gates at 8 am and close at 4 pm

In summer, the parks department open gates at 8 am and close at 9 pm

Please note you can only access the grounds up to half an hour before closing time.

There is no access on Saturdays when staff is not present and there is no access on Sundays at all.

Pedestrian Access 

Same hours as when parks department open and close the gates.

Parking Facilities

Complimentary parking is available at Newlands Cross for 250 vehicles.

Public Transport

By Bus

The 56A & 76 all stop within the boundaries of the cemetery.

By Luas

The Kingswood stop is within walking (approx. 20mins) from Newlands Cross Cemetery.




Inside Newlands Cross Crematorium