Glasnevin Cemetery


The first burial in Glasnevin Cemetery was in 1832. Since then people of all religions and none have been buried in Glasnevin Cemetery which includes the St Pauls section across the Finglas Rd.

An ongoing Restoration programme began in 2007. This programme spearheaded by Glasnevin Trust, is funded by the National Development Plan (NDP) through the Office of Public Works (OPW).

Glasnevin Cemetery still has new grave plots available.

Overhead view of Glasnevin Cemetery

Cremation Service at Glasnevin Crematorium

Family and friends meet and wait outside the Chapel in Glasnevin for the funeral cortege to arrive. After the cortege arrives and everything is ready the coffin enters the church followed by the family and mourners. Music is often played as the coffin arrives and is placed at the top of the Church. When everyone is seated the service begins, if the family requests music then the service starts as the music ends.

The style and length of service depends on what has been arranged at the booking stage. Each service is allocated a time slot of 20 mins.

Inside Glasnevin Crematorium

In Glasnevin towards the end of the service a light curtain slowly closes across the front of the coffin still offering visibility to the family and time to say goodbye. Lights over the coffin start to dim and this is followed by a second curtain which removes the coffin from view and if requested is accompanied by music signifying the end of the service.

The nameplate on the coffin is carefully checked with the Cremation Order to verify the identity. Only one coffin is cremated at a time, the only exceptions are special requests on behalf of a mother and baby or twin children. A system is devised to ensure identification is carried with the deceased throughout the entire cremation process. Glasnevin Trust represents best practice in legislation and guidelines on cremation.

Memorials, Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

Glasnevin Trust offer many cremation memorial options such as Columbarium Wall, Garden of Remembrance, Remembrance Stone or even Water Urns. For those who wish to keep ashes in a decorative urns, caskets or keepsakes, Glasnevin Trust has an exclusive selection available to purchase from our cemetery offices at Glasnevin & Newlands Cross.

Contacts & Location

Glasnevin Cemetery, Crematorium & Florist

Finglas Road, Dublin 11

Office Manager: Maureen Clarke

P: + 353 (0) 1 882 6500   |    F: + 353 (0) 1 830 1594
E: [email protected]

Burial / Cremation Office Opening hours
Mon – Fri: 9.30am to 5.00pm
Sat: 9.30am to 1.00pm

Access to Cemetery grounds:

We have parking facilities in all our cemetery & crematorium locations and pedestrian access is based on cemetery gate opening times. To view this, click here.