Burials & Cremations

We are the largest provider of funeral services in Ireland serving. The Trust is run by an executive management team and governed by the Dublin Cemeteries Committee, a voluntary not-for-profit body originally established by Daniel O’Connell in 1828.
Glasnevin Trust operates from 4 locations with on each site a Funeral Services Office, Monuments Office for headstone or inscriptions as well as a Florist Shop. We have new graves available in all our cemeteries. For more info, contact one of our offices:
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“To bury people of all religions and none”

Glasnevin Trust is at the heart of the nation as it embraces the remains of so many patriots and others who have and will in the future; frame the country’s history and culture.

The Trust’s dedication to its mission can be seen from the opening of its first cemetery in Goldenbridge (1828) through Glasnevin (1832), Palmerstown (1978), Dardistown (1990) and Newlands Cross (2000). It was responsible for the establishment of the first crematorium in the Republic of Ireland at Glasnevin Crematorium (1982) and subsequently in Newlands Cross (2001) and soon to open also in Dardistown (2016). It also manages many Florist and Monument Works outlets in each cemetery.

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Cremation Memorials, Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

Glasnevin Trust offer many cremation memorial options such as Columbarium Wall, Garden of Remembrance, Remembrance Stone or even Water Urns. For those who wish to keep ashes in a decorative urns, caskets or keepsakes, Glasnevin Trust has an exclusive selection available to purchase from our cemetery offices at Glasnevin, Dardistown & Newlands Cross.

Cremation Memorial