Funeral Services

We strive to provide the best possible standard of service to families and loved ones during the difficult time of bereavement. Our experienced staff can meet you to advise you on best options for Grave Selection or select a beautiful headstone from our Monument Workshop. You can also find here answers to any questions you may have about burials and cremations. 

In Glasnevin Trust we recognise that burials and cremations constitute a critical service to the public and it is vital therefore that these activities continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Equally, we must ensure that we protect our staff and we must also play our part in protecting the general public in delaying the spread of COVID-19.

The funeral director of your choice will also liaise with our Cemetery & Cremation offices to assist you as much as possible.

Burials & Cremations Information

Our cemetery office staff can meet you to help you with choosing a grave or cremation memorial. Did you know, we still have new graves available in Glasnevin Cemetery in new sections?

Our Online Genealogy can help you find your loved ones. You can also explore Glasnevin Cemetery using our interactive map to view information about famous people buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.


Trees in Cemetery

Post Funeral Reception

Post funeral receptions offer guests and family members a chance to spend time together and remember their departed loved one in a comfortable environment with friends and family.

Glasnevin Cemetery has the unique ability to offer a variety of post funeral receptions in the Milestone Gallery in the Museum building in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Information about our Cemeteries

Did you know there are still new graves available in Glasnevin Cemetery?

Cemetery design has changed over the ages. Pre-1900 Cemeteries, Victorian Garden Cemeteries, had large ornate structures, monuments, crypts and buildings with winding manicured pathways. Post 1900 cemeteries evolved to become a more landscaped area with smaller headstones in Lawn Cemeteries

Victorian Garden Cemetery: Goldenbridge and Glasnevin

Lawn Cemetery: Palmerstown, Dardistown and Newlands Cross

There are still new graves available in Glasnevin Cemetery, Ireland’s National Cemetery, as well as in our other cemeteries.

Need to find out more about any of our cemeteries?

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Respect, care, maintain

The cleaning of the grave surface (grave maintenance) is included in the internment fee for the first year after burial. A grave maintenance plan is required thereafter. Glasnevin Trust provides a full range of high quality maintenance services on all graves throughout any of our cemetery locations. Maintenance is offered on an annual basis as well as long term options 5 or 10 years including the placing of flowers on special occasions. Contact our Cemetery Office team to discuss the best choice for you.