City of the dead

The City of the Dead is an immersive exhibition in the basement of the museum. Through interactive displays, it covers the burial practices as well as the meticulous record-keeping, of the 1.5 million people buried in Glasnevin.

City of the dead exhibit

Religion Wall

Part of City of the Dead

Our "religion wall" illustrates the different beliefs in relation to the "after life" of some of the religions of the people buried in our cemeteries 

The Milestone Gallery

The Milestone Gallery houses a succession of special exhibitions on key historical figures, starting with Glasnevin’s founder Daniel O’Connell.

Milestone Gallery exhibit

The Timeline

Part of the Milestone Gallery

The Milestone Gallery also houses “the Timeline”; a 10 metre long digitally interactive table containing details of the lives and relationships of hundreds of the most famous people buried here. 

Just pick your person of interest and let the screens guide you through his or her history and see how that person might have been associated with so many other people that have shaped Ireland.

The glazed Prospect Gallery

The glazed Prospect Gallery offers periodic historical exhibitions over a panoramic view of the cemetery, along with information on its marvellous array of funerary monuments and historic graves. 

View from the Prospect gallery